The General meeting of ROSSWIFT and the SWIFT Business Forum were held
in Moscow on April 12, 2017

The General meeting of ROSSWIFT was held in Moscow on April 12, 2017. In accordance with established tradition, the meeting was held jointly with the SWIFT Business forum.

The event gathered a record number of participants-470 representatives of russian banks, financial organizations and corporations-users of the SWIFT, as well as software development companies.

Russian participants of the event, as well as guests from the CIS and several other countries, once again had a unique opportunity to establish business connections and contacts, to participate in discussions with representatives of regulators, major banks and market infrastructures.

In the framework of the General meeting of ROSSWIFT and the SWIFT Business forum, the speakers highlighted the main trends in the markets of banking services and securities. A wide range of major issues of concern to the SWIFT users was considered: from security, innovations and various violations to regulatory requirements and their compliance.

The General meeting of the ROSSWIFT was chaired by Eddy Astanin - the member of the SWIFT Board of Directors, the Chairman of the Board of NSD. The Chairman of the State Duma Committee on the financial market, Anatoly Aksakov, Director of the National Payment System Department of the Bank of Russia, Alla Bakina and the SWIFT management also participated in the meeting. During the closing session of the Business forum, the first Vice-Chairman of The Council of the Federation budget and financial markets Committee, Nikolay Zhuravlev also made a statement.

Among the sponsors of the joint event were one of the largest Russian developers of banking software - the CFT company and the instant payment system company "Smorodina".

Matthieu de Heering, SWIFT Regional Head of Russia, CIS & Mongolia,  who marked the main theme of the event: "Confidence in the Future: security, compliance, innovation and standards", discussed the issues for discussion within the SWIFT Business Forum, including the development of the national payment system, the implementation of international Financial Reporting standards, the use of SWIFT instruments in the provision of compliance in banks and other financial organizations.

The Chief Executive Officer of SWIFT Gottfried Leibbrandt welcomed the meeting and told about the development of the SWIFT in the world and the role of Russia in the global user community. He stressed that ROSSWIFT was one of the largest and most active national associations of shareholders and users of SWIFT in the world.

In her speech, the Chairperson of the ROSSWIFT Committee, Natalia Dirks greeted the audience "at a landmark event, which is already held by SWIFT and ROSSWIFT for the eighth year", and noted that the participants would focus "on issues that are most important for the Russian SWIFT community. This is, first and foremost, a cybersecurity, a tightening of the regulatory requirements in terms of transparency and resilience as well as innovations in the area of financial technology." Then Natalia Dirks elaborated more on the successes and achievements of ROSSWIFT in 2016.

The report on the activities of the ROSSWIFT Committee in 2016 was made by the Executive Director of ROSSWIFT Roman Chernov. He emphasized, that SWIFT was still an important component of the country`s financial market infrastructure. Roman Chernov highlighted the main results of the ROSSWIFT Committee`s work during the accounting reference period, having noted that the governing body of the Association had been actively involved in both strategic planning and the Association`s ongoing activities.

Roman Chernov, in particular, noted that the accumulated experience of ROSSWIFT in the Russian market, as well as the strengthening of our positions in the international community, allowed us to move from the consumption model of SWIFT services and products to the model of participation in their creation, influencing their consumer properties, including due to the participation of the Russian representative in the SWIFT Board of Directors.

Director of the Department of National Payment System of the Bank of Russia Аlla Bakina informed the participants about the Bank of Russia`s work on the establishment of a Perspektive payment system (PPS) of the Bank of Russia, having emphasized the role of ROSSWFT in assisting in the training of specialists in ISO 20022. Bakina expressed her hope for further development of fruitful cooperation between the Bank of Russia and ROSSWIFT.

The presentation of SWIFT Pricing Department Director, Andre Boyko about SWIFT policy in the field of special prices for internal Russian traffic demonstrated an example of the successful interaction of ROSSWIFT and SWIFT for the benefit of Russian users.

The General Meeting of ROSSWIFT endorsed the work of the ROSSWIFT Committee and approved the report of the Audit Commission submitted by the Chairman of the ROSSWIFT Audit Commission, Igor Efremov.

The Association`s Committee was elected at the General meeting, as well as the ROSSWIFT Audit commission. The ROSSWIFT Сommittee was composed of: Bank of Russia, Sberbank, Bank VTB, Gazprombank, Russian Agricultural Bank, Alpha Bank, Citibank, Otkritie Bank, NSD, UniCredit Bank, Saint Petersburg Bank, Uraltransbank, Expobank, BFK.

The new ROSSWIFT Committee elected the Chairperson of the ROSSWIFT Committee - senior Vice-President of Sberbank Natalia Dirks, Chairperson of the SWIFT Russia user group of - Deputy General Director of the JCB International (Eurasia) Aleksey Maslov.

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