FIN is SWIFTs core store-and-forward messaging service. FIN enables over 8,300 financial institutions in more than 200 countries to exchange financial data in a secure, cost effective and reliable way.

FIN value-added processing includes message validation to ensure messages are formatted according to SWIFT message standards, delivery monitoring and prioritization, message storage and retrieval. It is based on a distributed processing architecture with full, built-in redundancy to ensure maximum availability.


SWIFTNet offers secure interactive (online) message exchange, file transfer and browsing, based on SWIFTNet Link (SNL) and SWIFTNet Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) – a mandatory software product.


SWIFTNet offers additional services that complement and enhance FIN services, these are: file transfer, browse, as well as exchange of XML messages. All these services apply security mechanism based on SWIFTNet Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), maintained by SWIFTNet Link (SNL).


SWIFTNet Fin provides access to FIN service based on SWIFTNet, using IP connectivity. SWIFTNet infrastructure includes fully administered security services, based on PKI. IP and PKI, de facto, is an industrial standard which ensures secure connectivity.


Advantages of FIN 

Integrated package of administered services for formalized messages transferring

Implementation of FIN is an investment in the future, which offers financial services industry a complete integrated package of transferring formalized messages

For those who use solely FIN service it allows moving from FIN users to SWIFTNet users category, and guarantees that these users are familiar with new technologies and products, which greatly facilitates their integration to SWIFTNet additional services in the future;


Those users who are already working with SWIFTNet services (for example, Equiry Link, RTGS plus), are able to use the existing connection and software interface for access to these services, as well as to FIN service. This results in simplification of the operating environment of the organization and reduces the cost of maintaining two different technical infrastructures.


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